Shuzi mingmu method include resting method, looking far away methods, qigong method, imagination methods, yoga method, mind method, wushu method etc.

Recordings on how to improve the eyesight with practice

Recordings on how to practice three centers merge standing form

The recordings on the basic principle of healthy practice: Whole and Part

Explanation of Shuzi Mingmu Method Video

Resting method:

Numerical Closing Eyes Resting Mind Method

Looking far away methods:

Looking Far Away Pofessionally 2021

Looking Far Away at Leisure

Looking Far Away Taking off Glasses

Looking far away with lower power glasses

The Principle of Shuzi Mingmu Method

Shuzi Mingmu Looking Far Away Method Instructions

Qigong method:

Open Close and Pour Qi

Human Being and Universe Merge into One & Calm and Watch Dantian

Imagination methods:    

Sunlight Shower & Pour Sunlight into the Top

Draw Pictures with the Eyes & Draw Circles with the Eyes (Eyes painting)

Clear Trip (or beautiful trip)

Yoga method:

Relax the Whole Body

Mind method

Think and Get

Wushu method(Martial Art method):

Big Horse Stance, Small Horse Stance(Mabu Standing Form)


Shuzi Mingmu Method Instructions