Free Recordings on how to improve the eyesight with practice

Update Jan. 2. 2021 Beijing time

In view of the new corona virus situation, we no longer emphasize going to the hospital for examination.

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Online course: Shuzi mingmu eyesight training(2021.01)

Online course: The basic principles of healthy practice (2021.03)

Recently Britta and her team interviewed me online and published a e-book about mingmu method.

Our participants of the course and the organizers can contact us and get it for free.

The basic theory of this retreat based on the harmony between man and nature.

This retreat fully absorbs the essence of health preservation from confucianism, buddhism, taoism, traditional Chinese medical and martial arts, fully mobilizes the human body’s inner potential, strengthens the human body’s self-organizing function and self-healing ability.

This course has ever successfully helped many people with vision, physical and mental problems to achieve a comprehensive improvement of body and mind. At the same time, the training also has the effects of concentration, development of wisdom, perfecting body and mind and so on.

About Mingmu

Whatever you have any vision problems, no matter how bad your eyesight is, regardless of your age, you are possible to recover your eyesight  naturally.

Shuzi mingmu method is a kind of natural vision training method, include looking far away methods, qigong method, imagination methods, yoga method, etc.

In the successful stories of shuzi mingmu method, vision problems include myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, strabismus, amblyopia, presbyopia, cataract, muscae volitantes, etc, the highest myopic degree is up to 1200 degrees, the oldest age is 80 years.

Shuzi mingmu method practitioners come from China, Malaysia, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Mexico, France, Netherlands, Czech, Austria, etc.

As normally good vision base on healthy body and mind, this method also can help you perfecting body and mind.