Online Vision Training Course 202008

Shuzi mingmu can not only improve eyesight, but also help to develop wisdom and perfect body and mind.


  1. Methods: Looking far away, La qi mingmu, Sunlight shower, Eyes painting, Relaxing the whole body , standing meditation, etc.
  2. Theory: how to perfect vision? How to practice standing meditation well? How to make the mind peaceful?
  3. Recording: it can be played back or downloaded online.

Time: August 1-8, 8:00-9:30 p.m(Beijing Time).

For your city time, please refer:

Language: Chinese, English.

Teacher: Dong, Cheng, Duan


Cost: 120 USD(New participant), 72 USD (Repeat participant)

Registration and Payment:

  1. Please pay here:
  2. Please send your information to the contact email :

Name, Gender, Age, Country, City, Telephone, Vision and Health Statu, Practice Experience.


Address: Zoom, offical website: You can get the room number and password of zoom after Registration.

Online vision training preparation


  1. Download and print vision training chart, then post it on the wall.
  2. Download and print or buy a vision test chart, then post it on the wall.
  3. Download the vision training chart for recording the visual examination before and after practice every day, and give us after the course.
  4. Computer, iPad or mobile phone that can be connected to the Internet and installed zoom, computer is the best.