Frequently asked question

Update: Mar 3, 2021

Question: a few participants experience same phenomena during the 10 minute looking far away practice on the chart. The symbols/letters start jumping, dancing, sometimes disappear totally or one woman who have astigmatism she always start seeing the symbols double. What does this mean and what to do ?

Answer: the target jump or disappear means they concentrate better, then they appear illusion, just ignore them.

Astigmatism people see something easy to feel double, in the double symbols, one is more clear, just concentrate this one, gradually the other will disappear, if the double feeling become worse, maybe the eyes are tired, they need to stop looking far away and relax the eyes.

Question: one woman who have glaucoma and cataract ask If for the 10 Minute looking practice she can also look at her book ? Because anyway she have problems to see the close and you also said we can vary the distance so she could also practice with her book.

Answer: It’s ok to practice looking far away with the target on the book.

Question: what do you think of raster glasses or grid glasses? are they also helpful ?

Answer: raster and grid glasses based on physics principal, can help eyes to see clear, it can help the eyes to relax muscles, but the effect is not so good.

Question: if the difference of both eyes’ vision is too big, how to practice?

Answer: Because the vision difference maybe cause look side ways, better to train the worse one first, until the worse one improve to similar vision with the better one, then practice together.

Question: a woman told me that during this week her eyes were painful, like something of uncomfortable inside, and she was frightened, because one of her problems is that her eyes are always dry, and she has fear that staying without blink could damage her eyes, because doctors told her to avoid dry eyes.

Can you give us some more advice about these reactions and fear?

Answer: Dry eyes means that the qi and blood is blocked to nourish the eyes, no blinking can help this, the pain is qi clearing the blockage, before some dry eye people through no blinking practice, they recovered, one time in my class a lady had runny tears when practice looking far away, she said, its a very long time for her that no tears came down. But if she feel the pain is too much, she can practice less looking far away and more relaxation method.

Question: Will you tell more about sun gazing? People would like to know the “how to do” and “what to avoid” with this sun gazing practice as a lot feel it is interesting, but may be damage if the practice is not done correctly.

Answer: the people just need to adapt to the sun little by little, there will be no damage.

Question: One woman in our group who wear glasses for seeing close better shared something interesting. She said she now feel like in a middle between still needing glasses and not needing anymore. Her vision improved a little but not enough to wear no glasses but now her vision also became less clear when she wear her glasses , very interesting. Is this just part of the process of improvement ?

So her eyes now are unclear with glasses and unclear without 🙂 but she was smiling when talk about it.

Answer: When people wearing glasses improved the vision, they will feel the glasses no clear again, they need change a pair of new lower power glasses or quickly improve to normal directly.

Question: May I please ask you to explain why the eyes sore and produce tears when we look far away without blinking ?


When there is  no blinking, qi and blood are blocked for the moment, then they show more pressure and go to deeper gradually, then the practitioners will feel sour.

And no blink will make the eyes dry, it stimulate the tear gland to produce the tears.

Question: Many people improve vision very well in the first month and now slowly, why?


For many people, this like normal practice, from beginning they improve fast, but later slowly, because after some time practice, their energy is not enough, they need keep on and when their energy become more again, they can improve fast again.

They just need 10 minutes looking far away, other time just practice holistic method.