Updated on Jan 2, 2021

  1. Download vision training chart (big) , 我的眼睛明亮了,select portrait printing with A4 paper.
  2. Download vision training chart (small), 我的眼睛明亮了,select the landscape opton with A4 paper. then cut off one chart.
  3. Reference for using vision training chart
  4. Download the English letters test chart, select portrait printing with A4 paper, use it at 3 meters.
  5. Methods of visual acuity chart examination and recording
  6. Download vision training record chart, It can be used for reference and modification
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shuzi mingmu vision training chart


Top: 视力训练表

Pinyin: shì lì xùn liàn biǎo,视力:vision, 训练:train, 表:chart.

Main: 我的眼睛明亮了

Pinyin: wǒ de yǎn jīng míng liàng le,我的:my, 眼睛:eyes, 明亮:bright, 了:already.

Bottom: 国际明目网 制作

Pinyin:guo ji ming mu wang zhi zuo, 国际:international,明目:brighten eyes,网:net,制作: produce.