1. amblyopia: weak sight; lazy eye; amblyopic.

2. astigmatism: astigmia.

3. cataract: cataracta; pearl eye; caligo lentis.

4. horse stance: horse riding stance; mabu.

5. hyperopia: hypermetropia; farsightedness; long sight.

6. jianshi: It is the pinyin of Chinese character 健视,means making the vision healthy, jian(健) means making something healthy, shi(视) means vision, eyesight.

7. looking far away: looking into the distance, it is a kind of nature method to improve vision by looking at a target from afar.

8. mingmu: It is the pinyin of Chinese character 明目, means clear eyes, brighten eyes. ming(明) means clear, brighten, mu (目)means eyes.

9. muscae volitantes: spotted vision; floater.

10. myopia: nearsightedness; shortsightedness; short sight ; near sight; brachymetropia.

11. presbyopia: farsightedness after middle age.

12. qigong: chi gong, chi gung, chi kung.

13. shuzi: It is the pinyin of Chinese character 数字,means number, figure, digit.

14. strabismus: look sideways; cast a sidelong glance; strabism; askance.

15. wushu: martial arts