Recover your visual health naturally (May 22 to June 27. 2021)

Free session on May 16, 8:00pm-10:00pm Beijing time.

Topic: The basic principle of eyesight practice: relaxation and confrontation

Teacher: Dong Xinjian

Lesson 1, Course introduction: the meaning, birth, development and effects of shuzi mingmu.

Lesson 2, Looking far away pofessionally.

Lesson 3, The theory of looking far away pofessionally.

Lesson 4, Looking far away methods: looking far away at leisure, looking far away taking off glasses, looking far away with lower power glasses.

Lesson 5, Qigong method: mingmu fa (method).

Lesson 6, Eyes exercises.

Lesson 7, Sun watching method.

Lesson 8, Closing eyes resting mind.

Lesson 9, Think and get.

Lesson 10, Imagination method: sunlight shower, eyes painting, clear trip.

Lesson 11, Yoga method.

Lesson 12, Answer questions, share, communication.