Recordings Sales

We only sell the recordings in 2021.03 or 2021.01, their price is same, when you buy each of them, the other two in 2020 are free.

The recordings are on Youtube, some is also on Vimeo, you can play and download on Vimeo.

Because YouTube can use subtitle function to facilitate your understanding, we decided to publish the later course video here. Videos in Vimeo is also planned to be transferred or copied here. if you need the new links, please tell us.


172 USD or 142 Eur for new participants, 105 USD or 86 Eur for repeat mingmu course participants.

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Paypal & Email:

If you need bank account, please tell us.


Online course: The basic principles of healthy practice (2021.03) 8 sessions, 14 hours

Online course: Shuzi mingmu eyesight training(2021.01)8 sessions, 13 hours

Online Healing Course (20201103) 6 sessions, 9 hours.

Shuzi Mingmu Online Vision Training Course (August 1-8th, 2020)(Recordings Clips)8 sessions, 13 hours